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Subaru Liberty/Outback GEN 4 03-09 H6 EZ30 Alloy Performance Radiator

Subaru Liberty/Outback GEN 4 03-09 H6 EZ30 Alloy Performance Radiator


We are out of stock. This is now a Pre-Order purchase and the radiators will arrive late September 2024. Price is $589 for pre-order first 10 then increase to $639.


We are very excited about this project of ours. This alloy radiator for the EZ30 H6 platform has been in the making for around 2 years. A lot of R&D has gone into it and finally have come up 32m single core alloy radiator. Through our testing so far we have seen a drop in temperature of around 3-4ºc and the recovery time compared to the stock radiator is much faster.


Our radiator has a built in oil cooler for the automatic transmission, which if you have the manual version you can utilize it for an engine oil cooler. After testing we saw a peak oil temperatures of 92ºc for the stock oil cooler and 87ºc.


For more information on our R&D please read -


Key Features


  • 100% Larger than the stock 16mm Radiator
  • Full Aluminium
  • Built in Oil Cooler
  • 32mm Thick Core
  • 3-4+ºc Drop in temperatures
  • Single Row Core (for maximum volume)
  • No trimming of parts needed
  • New Radiator Cap - 0.9
  • Radiator Pressure Tested - 20psi
  • Oil Cooler Pressure Tested - 145psi
  • Professionally Hand TIG welded
  • Brushed Finish
  • 5 Year Manufacture Warranty
  • Increased fluid capacity and optimal heat dissipation
  • Provides efficient temperature reduction for street and track situations


Optional High Pressure Radiator Cap 1.3 Bar - $35 add as option in drop down menu.


Link to Radiator Cap -

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