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Kobe Motorsport Strut Brace WRX/STI/Forester XT

Kobe Motorsport Strut Brace WRX/STI/Forester XT

If you are looking to increase the rigidity of your car & enhance the overall predictability then look no further. Our all new front strut brace design, has been stepped up to another level.


Our end plates are computer programmed laser cut & fold. Most aftermarket end plates are welded & suffer from distortion, in turn become a poor fitment. The cross bar is forged aluminium & internal channels for extra strength.


Strut Braces transfer the load of each strut tower to the opposing strut tower, reducing flex by tying them together. Tire wear and metal fatigue in the strut tower area can be reduced. All colour finishes are done by powder coating & have a harden finishes which in turn will with stand engine bay heat & last a long time.


• Forged Aluminium Bar

• Increase Handling & Rigidity of chassis

• Powder Coated Finishes

• Programmed Laser Cut end plates (no welding)

• Perfect fitment


Subaru Forester SH MY09-13 XT, XS (Turbo & Non Turbo’d/Petrol & Diesel) Subaru Impreza G3 MY08-14 (including WRX & STI) Turbo & Non Turbo’d


$219 + Shipping

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