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550hp IS38 Hybrid Turbo G76 - Volkswagen/AUDI - MK7 / MK7.5 / S3 - Stage 3

550hp IS38 Hybrid Turbo G76 - Volkswagen/AUDI - MK7 / MK7.5 / S3 - Stage 3

*3-4 Week Order and delivery time


Kobe Motorsport – Stage 3 Hybrid 550hp Turbo G76 Garrett Hybrid – Golf GTI/R MK7, MK7.5, GTI, Audi SV S3


Introducing our all-new Hybrid turbo suit the MQB 2.0L TSI platform. If you are looking to get the most out of your EA888 engine, look no further. Our turbo features larger 0.73 a/r compressor housing compared to standard, larger billet compressor and turbine wheel, Ceramic dual ball bearing pack and more. The compressor housing has been designed to completely remove the turbo muffler and the larger a/r compressor housing has been design to accommodate the bigger compressor wheel. It also has a larger shaft diameter which like some hybrids on the market still retain the standard 5mm which is prone to failures in the IS38.


Combined with an optional larger 0.64 a/r rear turbine housing for an extra 20-30whp with only an 300-500rpm later spool time compared to stock housing. We also have a newly designed rear turbine wheel to match, which is a 10 Blade wheel with 5 Large and 5 small splitter blades. This helps with earlier spool time compared to the standard 9 blade in the G series garrett.



  • Billet Compressor Wheel – 9 Blade – Exducer 76mm/Inducer 58mm/ Extended Tips 80.4mm
  • Inconel Turbine Wheel – 10 Blade 55mm/60mm 5/5 Splitter
  • Larger Compressor Housing 0.73 a/r – (no need for muffler delete)
  • Full Ceramic Dual Ball Bearing CHRA - G30-770 Core
  • Larger 6mm Shaft Diameter
  • Turbine Housing 0.57 a/r (stock)
  • Inconel 718 Wastegate Flapper
  • Machined Match Rear Turbine housing
  • 70mm Intake Pipe
  • High Speed VSR Balanced
  • Genuine VW/Audi Gasket Kit – (Bolts/gasket/o-rings etc)
  • Genuine MAHLE/AUDI Wastegate Actuator
  • Wastegate Voltage comes pre-set @ 3.5v
  • 30psi @ 3500rpm - Standard Housing 
  • Optional 0.64a/r - $350 - 20-30whp / 300-500 added spool time
  • 335awkw on E85 and 280-90awkw 98RON on Pacortech/Galano Dyno (low reading mainline) 
  • 67lbs/min Compressor Flow
  • 21lbs/min Turbine Flow - 0.64a/r



*In order to achieve maximum results, supporting hardware is needed – Intercooler/ 4" Down Pipe exhaust/Large intake/fuelling & Tuning


**1 Year Warranty. Damage to third party property or other engine components due to failure of turbo is not covered in any form. Turbo upgrade is for off-road use only.

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